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What We Do: Healthcare Staffing

We match companies with top professionals whose skills are a perfect fit for the positions you need to fill. Whether you are a a small organization or a national company, our Chattanooga services can help you fill the gaps in healthcare staffing. Our process is quick and accurate so you can focus on running your business, rather than on screening, interviewing, and testing employees. We have years of experience in finding qualified, hard-working employees and research all job candidates so you can be confident in the quality of your team. Our personal approach helps us get to know candidates’ resume skills and personalities so you can be sure they will be both a technical fit and a cultural match.

Not only do we save you time by taking care of the pre-hire process, we also save you money by reducing the overtime, high turnover, and lost productivity associated with a staff stretched too thin. If business is a relay race, Acuity Staffing’s mission is to have the next runner in place when your company is approaching the next leg. We keep your business from missing a beat by having the exact person you need ready when you need them. 

kenny newKenny Higdon, Owner

Kenny Higdon is passionate about helping others. This passion shines through all of the companies that he owns, such as 5 Star Home Care and ProDrug Screening.  Acuity’s winning track record as a leader in the local staffing industry is directly attributable to Kenny’s diverse experience as a business owner. He understands the needs of these technically demanding fields and finding the right person for each opportunity. Kenny has seen Acuity grow and provide some of the most responsive health care recruitment services in the Southeast.

Our Outside Staff

Our outside medical staffing network is our network of RN's, LPN's, CNA's, who we hire and match with organizations like yours. You can be confident that Acuity’s talent pool is made up of experienced, vetted professionals who have passed through an intensive screening process that assesses candidates’ skill levels and enables us to evaluate hundreds of candidate’s resumes for each client need. You can also be confident that our inside staff will connect you with our outside staff as quickly as possible so that stress on your existing staff is kept to an absolute minimum.

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