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What We Do: Healthcare Staffing

We match companies with top professionals whose skills are a perfect fit for the positions you need to fill. Whether you are a a small organization or a national company, our Chattanooga services can help you fill the gaps in healthcare staffing. Our process is quick and accurate so you can focus on running your business, rather than on screening, interviewing, and testing employees. We have years of experience in finding qualified, hard-working employees and research all job candidates so you can be confident in the quality of your team. Our personal approach helps us get to know candidates’ resume skills and personalities so you can be sure they will be both a technical fit and a cultural match.

Not only do we save you time by taking care of the pre-hire process, we also save you money by reducing the overtime, high turnover, and lost productivity associated with a staff stretched too thin. If business is a relay race, Acuity Staffing’s mission is to have the next runner in place when your company is approaching the next leg. We keep your business from missing a beat by having the exact person you need ready when you need them. 

Acuity's contract rate is equal to, and often less than, what you pay your own W2 employees. An employee's cost is more than just their salary or hourly rate.  This handy calculator will show you how extra costs add up for W2 employees versus those hired through an agency such as Acuity.

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