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Among nurse staffing agencies in Chattanooga, Acuity eliminates or reduces those additional costs by reducing non-productivity, turnover, overtime, interims during hiring, or staffing gaps caused by vacation, personal, and maternity leave. Hiring people we've carefully chosen presents a solution because it ensures workers a fair hourly rate on contract while reducing the amount you spend on recruiting, boarding, benefits, and other costs associated with hiring. When you can save time and money, and boost morale, the reason to choose Acuity Staffing is clear.

According to KPMG’s 2011 U.S. Hospital Nursing Labor Costs Study, “the all-in cost of full-time direct care registered hospital nurses is, on average, $98 thousand per year (or $45 per hour), assuming 100% productivity.” Payroll only represents “76 – 78% of the total cost. The balance comes from non-productivity costs (11–12%), insurance costs (8–9%), recruiting costs (1–2%), and other costs (1%).”

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